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                  Mone’ Swann’s Biography

Mone’ Swann, a native of Kansas City, Missouri is one of those special kinds of people who show up on the scene and leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all that know her. She is just as powerful in the business arena as she is a motivational speaker, business coach and entertainer. 

Mone' Swann is known for being a global strategist in marketing, sales and finance procurement. She has more than 20 years of business experience in insurance, finance, government and entertainment industries. She is president of “WIN” Women’s Inspirational Network.

Mone' currently sits on the board of I.J.N. Insurance Services, LLC as president. Over the past several years, she has worked with Combined Insurance, Mutual of Omaha, Citi-Smith Barney, Solicitor General's office for Clayton County Georgia, as well as CBS, NBC, ABC and various cable networks around the world in various capacities. 

One of Mone’’s talents is creating integrating strategies to develop new/existing customer sales, brand/product evolution and media endorsement. "As an entrepreneur and a corporate trainer, I teach other entrepreneurs how to develop out of the box cognitive skills which creates improved day to day operations drives productivity and reduces costs whether you're a multi-billion dollar organization or a one-man shop." Mone''s key words for success are focus, creativity, adaptability and persistency. She is a strategic planner who has worked with multi-billion dollar organizations as well as mom and pop operations around the world. She knows what it takes to grow and thrive in extremely challenging markets.

She has appeared on several television shows, movies and commercials. Mone' thrives at implementing high-profile, image based marketing programs in both the public and private arenas. 

Mone’ is releasing her first solo CD entitled “Mone’ Swann - Master of Fear” to kick off her speaking engagement with a book, “It’s All About You”. She will be appearing in the movie, “Predictable Wealth” later this year. She is also one of several dynamic co-authors in the book, “The Power of Mentorship – Women with Purpose”. Her philanthropic desire is to reach out to young adults and help them overcome their fears and challenges in life through education, mentorship and entrepreneurship. She is a successful business woman, entrepreneur and entertainer residing in Los Angeles.